Monday, June 08, 2009

Near Death Experience (Predestined Cosmic Event Designed For a Life Changing Actualization)

Part 1

I was washed ashore by the wild waves of my own emotional storm, deep in the ethos of my soul. The extent and meaning of which was so abysmal that it sent tremors of shock to my very roots.

Everything happens for a reason; I believe this statement now with all my heart. As I never thought in my wildest dreams that a near death experience would actually teach me the meaning of true love.
Two weeks ago, I was with GS (The initials of a soul whose name I have withheld on purpose. The purpose being, respect for the especial nature of the divine intertwined link between our souls) hanging out at a nearby coffee shop (a small earthy outlet run by a family) after work. It was a pleasant Friday evening and I was all excited about the approaching weekend. We were busy planning out a friend’s birthday gift. Well whatever the reason or the topic of discussion, the reason we were there was the fact that we wanted to spend time with each other. At around 10 pm we finally decided it was time we headed home (respective).It struck me suddenly that I had no petrol in my bike. And considering the city I live in, where petrol pumps enjoy the privilege of shutting down at around 10 pm. (to transcend into a sleepy halo back home. Oops!!! This was about the petrol pump employees and not the petrol pump that I just personified. By the way the petrol pump employees are certainly not on my favorites’ list .As I have on regular intervals been a victim of petrol theft, done expertly by these creatures in broad day light.) So we rushed to the nearest petrol pump which was on the verge of closing for the day. We went to the closest petrol stand and gave money to the petrol pump employee manning the stand (let me refer to him as PPE).The PPE raised the refueling handle towards the tank of our bike.


A load noisy and a sharp flash of light.

For a second the three of us did not realize what had actually taken place. So what really happened? Considering the fact that we were still alive at that moment of surrealistic shock.

To be continued................................

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