Monday, August 10, 2009

Entangled cosmic connections

Became friends 8 months back – He was free so was I as he was a freelancer at that point and I job searching

Became great buddy – Specially beer buddies

Next he says I will be seeing someone when he gets back from an assignment in Chennai where he was for a month

Guess Feb. I was seeing someone by the time he was back

I said when he lost his job, that we will find one at the same time

April we find and are conformed in our respective new jobs

We join on the same day

Great jobs great fun and great satisfaction

Present day both of us have resigned (due to our own reasons)

Now both of us looking for a job

What does the cosmic path have in store for us next I wonder?

I know a new job , by means of an accident but will it be at the same time I hope this time is the same pay (as hi as his)

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  1. Well I too believe in the cosmic connection :)
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